There are 3 training blocks for the first 2 levels and the fourth level of expertise is for professional experts who want to perfect their top-of-the-line skills.

Level 1

If you’re just starting out, this training is for you

  • Block 1: How to clean the outside of a vehicle without scratching it and how to not damage the clear seal of the car.
  • Block 2: How to decontaminate and clean the inside of a vehicle
  • Block 3: Everything regarding sealing products on the market: wax, teflon, and Lig-Protec Nano seal
  • Practice with the instructor

Intermediate level

You have some knowledge and you wish to find out more? This training will be perfect for you.

  • Block 1: Types of sealing products and their applications
  • Block 2: Polishing types and their advantages
  • Block 3: Practice with the instructor

Advanced level

Are you no longer a beginner, and do you have a few years of experience in aesthetics? Here’s the next level: initiation to top-of-the-line products, futuristic technology, nano-technology and its applications.

  • You will get to learn about the various types of sealing products, waxes and pastes on the market.
  • Polishing in one or or two steps for cars using German technology.
  • Practice with the instructor

Top-of-the-line, professional level

Here, we will show you all types of polishing, a training that will enhance the expertise you have already acquired.

Furthermore, we will show you how to apply futuristic technologies such as the Nano ceramic sealing products with a 9H hardness rating (on a measurement scale to determine the hardness of a material).

Give us a call to find out about the training costs and time allotted for each of these training sessions.

Training is given in the fall, but there may be some exceptions made. Call us to find out about the possibility of organizing a training session at another time.

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