Refurbish, treat and protect your windows and glass panels,


You want to restore the original shine to your windows, or glass panels? We can go on site to remove grooves and scratches, regaining transparency on the spot, without disassembly.

Polyshine Innovation uses specialized products to offer unparalleled results. Our expertise in polishing will give you a perfect view!

Applying the most efficient and durable sealant in the market, Polyshine Innovation promises easy maintenance. This nanotechnology is an ecological product with an exceptional and long-lasting protective layer resistant to climate changes, acids, pollution, graffiti and harmful actions related to cleaning. In addition, the sealant can make the hydrophobic glass much easier to wash.

Benefit from our expertise to regain a clear view through your windows and at a fraction of the cost of replacing them with Polyshine Innovation and our nanotechnology.

Polyshine Innovation, a brilliant choice!

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