Repair, treat and protect your cables and cable lifts,


You want to restore the shine to your original cable car or cables lifts?
We offer on-site services at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Regardless of the materials; fiberglass, paint, Plexiglas, lexan or other materials, Polyshine Innovation uses specialized products to offer unparalleled results for both the interior and exterior of your cabin or cable lifts. Your visitors will have a perfect view!

Applying the most efficient and durable sealant in the market, Polyshine Innovation promises easy maintenance. This nanotechnology is an ecological product with an exceptional and long-lasting protective layer resistant to UV rays and scratches from skis. Much better than any polishes or wax products, the ceramic sealant creates a real shield that guarantees a permanent protection against wear and tear and filth.

Benefit from our expertise to regain the clear view your cable cars once had at a fraction of the cost with Polyshine Innovation and our nanotechnology.

Polyshine Innovation, a brilliant choice!

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